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Local Service Migration

Migration Disputes - Informal Resolution Process

Commission regulations at 52 PA Code § 63.222 state that “the Commission designate Commission staff as contact persons through which (local service providers) LSPs and (network service providers) NSPs may request expedited resolution for alleged problems between service providers or compliance with this title.”

Pursuant to these regulations, the Commission has designated Melissa Derr (Bureau of Technical Utility Services) and Louise Fink Smith (Law Bureau) as contacts for local service migration disputes among service providers. Please address any technical service questions in this matter to Melissa Derr at mderr@pa.gov. Legal or policy questions should be addressed to Louise Fink Smith at finksmith@pa.gov.

This is for utility to utility disputes. Consumers who have issues with their service providers should contact the PUC's Bureau of Consumer Services at 1-800-692-7380 with questions or issues that are related to the service from a utility.

Secretarial Letter - Issued on Aug. 1, 2006, and sets forth the process for an informal, nonadversarial, expedited dispute resolution process. Docket No. L-00030163.

Company Contact and Escalation Lists

Migration Information - Secretarial letter that explains the regulations establishing an orderly process for customer migration between local service providers within the telecommunications industry. Dated October 31, 2005.

Commission regulations at 52 Pa Code Chapter 63.201 require each Local Service Provider (LSP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) operating in Pennsylvania to maintain a company contact and escalation list for resolving migration problems and interfering station conditions. The service provider is to keep its list current, make the list available on a publicly accessible website and supply the website address to the Commission. The Commission has posted below the website addresses supplied by the service providers.

This information is available to any service provider that may need to contact another service provider to resolve a migration problem. The websites are listed alphabetically by service provider and are linked to the provider’s contact information site.



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